Here are some of the key people you'll be dealing with when you entrust WORDSTATION with your localization needs:

Wolfram Endemann

Wolfram has a degree in Electrical Engineering with specialization in IT. He began his career in 1985 as a programmer for Reis Industrial Robotics and in 1987 joined the German localization group of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) where he worked as an engineer in the European Localization Group. He founded WORDSTATION in 1991, together with a group of former DEC employees. Wolfram is usually the first person you'll talk to when contacting WORDSTATION and, as one of the company's project managers, he accompanies your project throughout the entire localization cycle.

Besides managing WORDSTATION's day-to-day activities, Wolfram is a hardcore cyclist, and he also plays a mean jazz saxophone in a critically-acclaimed big band.

Frank Berger

After receiving his degree in Computer Science in 1983, Frank began work as a programmer for Apple computers and early IBM PCs. In 1985 he joined DEC's localization group where he managed localization projects until 1991, when, together with Wolfram, he founded WORDSTATION. Aside from his project management duties he also oversees WORDSTATION's hardware, software and network infrastructure.

When he's not working, Frank searches for plastic containers in the woods – some call this weird, others call it Geocaching – and saves the world by driving a hybrid car and running a website about solar heating.

Roman Reiche

Roman started his career in 1987 at Ashton Tate-anybody remember dBase?-as a support and consulting specialist, later moving on to the localization group when the company was acquired by Borland. He joined WORDSTATION in 1995, where he now works as project manager and lead translator.

Don't call him during lunchtime. Roman will probably be out jogging through the nearby fields (riding his bicycle 20 km to the office isn't enough of a workout for him).

Christel Sahm

Christel, who has a degree in Translation with focus on medical translations, worked as a freelance translator before joining WORDSTATION in 1997. She now manages projects for many regular clients and always keeps her cool, even when schedules are tight.

She's a passionate reader of crime fiction and despite the risk of injury, just can't stop playing volleyball.

Tim Rüth

Tim joined WORDSTATION in 2000, just before completing his studies as a technical translator. He commands a broad, general technical knowledge and is an expert in analog and digital imaging technologies-from professional photography and security cameras to high-volume production scanners and state-of-the-art digital X-ray systems.

Tim is a passionate photographer himself and always has his cameras at his side during his many travels through Latin America.