Since its foundation in 1991, WORDSTATION has completed numerous localization projects for direct clients as well as through localization agencies. We're proud of our solid client base-long-term relationships are one of the key factors for successful localization projects.

Following are a just a few of the direct clients whose products we've been localizing for several years. For confidentiality reasons we don't disclose the names of those clients for whom we work via international agencies. In these cases, however, we provide a general description of the project.

IBM / Lotus Software

We've consistently worked for Lotus on various projects since 1995. In 1998, Lotus chose WORDSTATION to localize Lotus Notes/Domino™ R5 into German. The project included all of the software files, the database templates and the documentation and online help system with more than a million words. In the ensuing years we've localized many more Notes-based applications as well as Notes/Domino R6, R7 and R8. In early 2003 IBM presented WORDSTATION with the IBM Vendor Award for Translation Services.

This extensive Notes/Domino expertise, together with our in-depth localization and application development experience, makes WORDSTATION the ideal partner for localizing third-party Lotus Notes/Domino applications.

Borland Corporation

Since its debut in 1997 we've continually localized the online help system and documentation for JBuilder™, Borland's award-winning set of visual development tools for creating Java business applications. The expansive help systems comprise several thousand files in HTML format, demanding the utmost in coordination, technical expertise and accuracy from the localization team. In the years that followed, Borland again chose WORDSTATION to localize additional products, including StarTeam, CaliberRM™ and Optimizeit™ for Java.

Fetch Softworks

The FTP client from Fetch is well known in the Macintosh world. Since 2005, we've continually translated releases of the Mac OS X version of Fetch into Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish.

Symantec Corporation

Over the course of 14 years we localized most of Symantec's AntiVirus products as well as other tools into German. Symantec awarded WORDSTATION with the Best Localization Vendor Award several times.


The German company CGS develops software for professional printing and color management. Since 2004 we've continually translated their product ORIS Certified Proof from English into French, Italian and Spanish.

Projects from International Agencies

Following are just a few examples of projects that international localization agencies have entrusted us with. All of these are recurring projects of significant size.

  • Initial translation and ongoing maintenance of the web sites for two major international airlines

  • Documentation, UI, marketing materials and web sites in the area of Health Imaging (digital X-rays)

  • Documentation, UI, marketing materials and web sites in the area of Document Imaging (professional scanners)

  • Documentation, software and marketing materials for professional photography applications

  • Voice over IP equipment, web-conferencing systems and other applications for a major manufacturer of network equipment

  • UI, help, web site, support materials and content for a popular application used to view satellite images, as well as several other consumer products from the same client

  • Systems for enterprise-wide IT Management

  • Software and documentation for Authentication Management within large enterprises

  • UI and documentation in the area of Hardware Virtualization

  • Documentation, data sheets and brochures for diabetes care

  • Documentation for medical equipment and instruments

  • Documentation for Chromatography Systems